Mechanical Repairs

Val-U Auto, located in Owego & Binghamton, NY, is your one stop shop for vehicle maintenance and mechanical repair. We are a full service auto repair shop serving New York since 1996. We offer quality customer service with hands-on owners and operators. We have very competitive rates and a variety of auto repair services that can get your car back on the road looking and running as good-as-new.

Auto mechanics
Tire Changes

Tire Changes

You’ve got a flat tire and need a tire repair or change. Val-U Auto is here to help.

Whether you’ve got a flat, a tire that’s blown out, a hole or tear in the sidewall, or any other tire problem, our qualified mechanics  are here to fix your tire and get you back on the road quickly.

Oil Changes

An oil change from Val-U Auto helps maintain the value of your vehicle investment.

With as much as you paid for your vehicle, you want to keep it on the road as long as possible. That’s why we offer the Val-U Auto oil change. It’s more than an oil change, it’s preventive maintenance to change, inspect, check/fill and clean essential components of your vehicle and help keep it all running smoothly. By taking care of your vehicle with an Oil Change, you’ll be getting the peace of mind that your vehicle will be with you for a long time.

Oil Change


Wheel alignment is the position of the wheels relative to your car. When properly aligned, the wheels point in the right direction. Without proper alignment, the wheels resist your steering commands, as well as each other. Alignment also affects gas mileage and tire wear. If your tires are pointed in different directions, they fight against each other and can cause tread wear.

Val-U Auto uses computerized alignment equipment to measure all alignment angles on your vehicle. We then make adjustments to ensure your car is performing as efficiently as possible.  Stop in today for all of your alignment needs!